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Usually people don't really change the motherboard so this is your best bet .

In case you are using a branded machine you can always contact the manufacturer with the machine's serial number and they might provide you the manufacturing date. Go to command prompt and enter "systeminfo | more".

There is no definite way know when was the first time someone booted the machine , but what you can do is download CPU-Z and check the motherboard model no.

Then find its release date and if you can get the date for when the manufacturer stopped making the model you have a date range for the machine .

Try to phrase the problem in a more mathematical way.

Are there lesbians in this problem or is this the "Gay male speed dating problem"?

You could use Depending on your BIOS, you may have a date that it was installed on the system, this is essentially the "birth date" of your computer. non-mac) use Phoenix BIOS now, the date is the very last line on the POST screen.

If you are using Windows, this will also work (it says Win2k, but it works on XP): HOW TO: Determine BIOS Date on a Computer Running Windows 2000 If your computer was purchased from one of the major PC manufacturers (ie: Dell) then you can type in your service tag/serial number to find out when the computer was purchased.

I think I encountered something like this problem (including the proper terminology) in a graph theory textbook once, but I don't have easy access to it at the moment. With 6 people with your method, you seem to require 3=6$ rounds, but it is possible with 5 rounds, as the OP says. The technical term for what Ross has done (in the even case) is finding a 1-factorization of the complete graph on n$ vertices - see, e.g., The odd case is the same as…

Also, parental behaviors, parental styles and adolescent outcomes are discussed in this literature review.

This review provides an assessment of the literature on parenting and adolescent outcomes from the past decade and includes advancements in parenting research.

I.e.: could the gentlemen circle a rectangular table in a clockwise fashion, then rearrange themselves and continue in another fashion such that given any number of men, every man would be paired with every other man in the smallest number of iterations and without pairing two men together twice.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "counting combinations." Also, you need to keep cultural considerations in mind: probably not everyone who reads this will know what speed dating is.

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